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“Red Wolf”

Marshall Taniss was once a celebrated CFO of a mega-billion dollar company.

Until the world shifted and he became more than human.

And learned monsters existed.

Now he’s nothing more than a messenger between worlds he will never understand. And a war was coming.  Until one day in the woods of Levia everything shifted again.

With one scent of her he knew he’d  found his purpose again.

Marshall had found his mate. Now he had to claim her…


“The Box”

He was an Adrastos Warrior she was a Woald. The last male Ambrea wanted to be mated to was Rix Adrastos. But as she battles for her life, he is the one man she wants next to her. (A short story!)

“The Search”


He was an Adrastos Warrior, destined to protect the worlds–for the mate he would one day find. But when Haleos Adrastos finds his mate, the female wants nothing to do with him…

Kea knew the male was hers, and she wanted him, as was her right. But she was of Sebastos blood, and that meant the visions she saw would one day come true.

And Haleos could not stand in her way…


“The Key”


Destiny is coming for the Woalds. It is demon romance novelist Alaun Woald’s path to find the key and deliver it to the goddess Kennera–before Alaun’s sisters succumb…

Joru Malickus, second prince of Relaklonos, stops the little lawbreaker just in time…but will this demon prince be strong enough to stop the Fates’ plan for her?